The idea of creation of an African Federation of leasing returns to the APSF which defended it for a long time with the IFC. After an agreement in principle, the IFC formally marked its agreement in the APSF which participated in the regional Forum of Abidjan on the leasing in September, 2016.

The fact is that, pioneer of the leasing in Africa and in level countries of comparable development, Morocco serves as reference and of benchmark to economies worried of widening their funding offer in the service of SMEs/SMIs.
Afin de donner un contenu concret à cette idée, l’APSF a élaboré, au mois d’octobre 2016, un mois après le Forum d’Abidjan, un projet de statuts de ladite Fédération qu’elle a soumis à la SFI.
To give a concrete contents to this idea, the APSF developed, in October 2016, one month after the Forum of Abidjan, a project of statutes of the aforementioned Federation which it submitted to the IFC
On the occasion of a meeting held December 6th, 2016 in the office of the APSF, the representatives of the IFC, the operators of the leasing in Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda) and the persons in charge of the APSF, specified the outlines of creation of this entity and reviewed its conditions of success and sustainability. They adopted the project of statutes and stopped organizing  constitutive assembly before the end of the first half of the year 2017.

May 9th, 2017 is so kept the Constitutive General assembly of the African Leasing Federation which was baptized “Africalease” after adoption of its statutes by the present founding members, representing 11 countries and the IFC.
On the occasion of this Constituent General assembly, these founding members paid tribute to M. Juma Kisaame, president of Uganda Leasing association for his commitment in favour of the promotion of the leasing in Africa within the framework of Afrolease.
Morocco (Casablanca, head office of the APSF) will shelter the permanent head office of the Federation.

Scenes of the general assembly held on May 09th, 2017 in Casablanca – Morocco

Executive Board

Abdallah Benhamida

President – Morocco

Pierre Kam

1st vice-president – Cameroun

Coy Buckley

2nd vice-president – Tanzania

Christian Chigbundu

Treasurer – Nigeria

Council in the term of the first general assembly

Souleymane Diallo

APBEF – Guinée Conakry

Abdallah Benhamida, President

APSF – Maroc

Rafik Moalla, DGA Hannibal Lease

APTBEF – Tunisie

Abdenour Houaoui, Managing Director

ABEF / Arab Leasing Corporation – Algeria

Pierre Kam, President

Camlease – Cameroun

Ali Badini, Managing Director

Credit Access – Côte d’Ivoire

Coy Buckley, Managing Director

EFTA LTD – Tanzania

Christian Chigbundu, Managing Director

ELAN – Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria – Nigéria

Kalu Oneyam Kalu

Leasafric Ghana Ltd – Ghana

Mohamed Tehraoui

Expert Leasing – IFC Consultant  – Independent Administrator

Nizar Snoussi


Founder Members

The Council thanks all the following founder members for their mobilization and their implication in the creation of Africalease, on May 9th, 2017.


Institution Representent / Function Coutry Website
APSF Mohamed Tehraoui Maroc APSF – Maroc
APBEF Souleymane Diallo Guinée Conakry APBEF – Togo
APBEF Edouard Decahou, Leasing Manager Mali APBEF- Mali
APBEF – SIB Ouattara Aboulaye, Leasing Manager Côte d’Ivoire APBEF – SIB
Arab Leasing Corporation Abdenour Houaoui / Managing Director Algérie Arab Leasing Corporation
APSF Abdallah Benhamida, President Maroc APSF
APSF Mostafa Melsa, General Delegate Maroc APSF
APSF Kamal Benkiran, Director Maroc APSF
APTBEF Rafik Moalla / DGA Hannibal Lease Tunisie APTBEF
BAD Hugues Kamewe-Tsafack – Financial Sector Advisor BAD BAD
BNP Paribas El Djazaïr Hayet Becissa / Leasing Manager Algérie BNP Paribas El Djazaïr
Camlease Pierre Kam / President Cameroun Camlease
Credit Access Ali Badini Côte d’Ivoire Credit Access
El Djazaïr Idjar Lachab Youcef / Managing Director >Algérie El Djazaïr Idjar
ELAN Emmanuel Aifuwa / Micro Investment Support Services Nigéria ELAN
ELAN  Christian Chigbundu / Managing Director CoscharisMobility – Sixt Nigeria Nigéria ELAN
ELAN Andrew Efurhievwe Nigéria ELAN


   APBEF : Association Professionnelle des Banques et Établissements Financiers

   APTBEF : Association Professionnelle Tunisienne des Banques et des Établissements Financiers

   ELAN : Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria – Nigeria

   APSF : Association Professionnelle des Sociétés de Financement – Morocco

Creation and Organization Committees

The Council thanks, for their commitment and their mobilization, the following members of the Creation and Organization Committees of Africalease Constitutive General assembly.

Creation committee

M. Abdallah Benhamida : Morocco President APSF

M. Mohamed Tehraoui : Morocco, Director of the Committee Organization, APSF

M. Juma Kisaame – Uganda  DFCU Bank,

M. Riadh Naouar : IFC

M. Jonathan Danjuma Gigin: IFC

Mme Fatim DIOP: IFC

M. Kalu O. Kalu : Leasafric Ghana,

M. Joseph Ndiho Kiiza : Uganda  Leasing Association

M. Mostafa Melsa :  Morocco, General Delegate APSF

M. Réda Benhamida : Morocco, APSF

M. Kamal Benkiran : Morocco, Director APSF

Mme Majda Zyani : Morocco, APSF 


Organization Committee

M. Abdallah Benhamida : Morocco President, APSF

M. Mohamed Tehraoui :Morocco, Director of the Committee Organization, APSF

M. Jonathan Danjuma Gigin, IFC

Mme Fatim DIOP, IFC

M. Mostafa Melsa :  Morocco, General Delegate, APSF

M. Kamal Benkiran : Morocco, Director, APSF

Mme Majda Zyani :Morocco, APSF

M. Ali Ouabid :Morocco, APSF