Africalease directory

The directory of Africalease includes information given to his/her members and allowing everyone to inquire quickly on:

  • The national associations of banks exercising the leasing and the national associations of companies of leasing;
  • The establishments of leasing (banks or companies of leasing);
  • National associations of the not African countries which are recognized, in their respective countries and according to their statutes, as representatives of the professional interests of the active companies in the sector of the leasing;
  • The African Central Banks;
  • The African banks of development;
  • The continental or regional African institutions working at the social and economic development etc.;
  • Companies and associations representing regulated occupations (establishments of micro-finance, auditorship, notary’s practice) or not (car rental companies, suppliers of equipments), which have affinities or make business with the industry of the leasing.

The information contained in this directory is informed by the very members.

Any member, right after its validated membership will receive an identifier and a password allowing him/her to reach the exclusive services to the members of Africalease, among whom in particular the statistics of activity and the directory.

Africalease members