Why and how to join Africalease

Since its Creation in 2017, Africalease – African Leasing Federation – is the flag-bearer of leasing in Africa. Its objective is the development of the leasing industry at the national, regional and continental levels.

With 11 member countries representing more than US $ 11 billion, Africalease aims to bring together all the countries of the continent.

So we are inviting you to join this Federation which is yours.

Thanks to Africalease, you will benefit from exclusive services (trainings, management support tools, statistics), as well as the support of its Board in how you approach your government to improve the leasing environment and the conditions of its progress.

The statutes of Africalease and all the information for you to know more about Africalease are available on the website https://africalease.org.

For your membership, we have an online form that you simply have to fill in, validate  and send.

For the financing of its professional action, Africalease relies on the contributions of its members based on an equity criterion.

Currently, the annual contribution is between US $ 1,500 and US $ 5,800 depending on the size of the member. It is called by way of debit note

Find below the Distribution of contributions to Africalease by country as well as the relevant explanatory note  on calculations of contributions.

Distribution of contributions to Africalease by country

Note on calculations of contributions

The payment of the contribution is to be made by bank transfer to the account n° : 007 780 0002385000304455 56 of « Fédération Africaine de Leasing » open in Attijariwafa Bank – Agence Rembrandt – 78, Boulevard Abdelmoumen – Casablanca, Morocco

Africalease Membership Form

In accordance with clause 3 of the statutes of Africalease, membership as a member of the Federation can take four forms: full member, correspondent, associate or affiliate. This membership is open to any eligible organization, reading and accepting the obligations resulting from the statutes of Africalease.

Application for membership to the African Leasing Federation

Membership request

Full Members

The following are admitted as full members:

  • in the African countries where they exist, national associations of leasing banks and national associations of leasing companies duly authorized by their supervisory authorities;
  • in African countries where such associations do not exist, leasing establishments (banks or leasing companies) duly authorized by their supervisory authorities irrespective of their nationality (indigenous or resident), according to the national legal system.
    Full members shall have the right to vote and to be elected at General Meetings.
Correspondent Members

The status of “corresponding member” may be granted to national associations of non-African countries which are recognized in their respective countries and in accordance with their statutes as representatives of the professional interests of active companies in the leasing sector.

Associate Members

The following may be members of the Federation as associate members:

  • African Central Banks.
  • African Development Banks.
  • African continental or regional institutions working for social and economic development, etc …

Affiliate Members

Companies and associations representing regulated professions (micro-finance establishments, auditors, notaries …) or not (car rental companies, suppliers of equipment), who have affinities or do business with the leasing industry and which, moreover, demonstrated:

  • knowledge and expertise of the African leasing market and / or specific expertise or expertise relevant to the leasing industry and which can support lobbying in this area.
  • a clear interest, and their ability to contribute to the production of African leasing research;

Such enterprises or associations shall be constituted in accordance with the laws and practices of their country of origin.

Associate members do not have the right to vote and election at General Meetings.

All members are bound by the obligations resulting from the statutes of Africalease,

Membership is open to any organization that meets the requirements of the statutes of Africalease.