First African Leasing Conference

Introductory note

The APSF (Moroccan Leasing Association) organized, in partnership with the IFC (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group), on May 8, 2017 in Casablanca, the First African Leasing Conference.

This continental event has brought together leading decision-makers, recognized personalities in their area of ​​expertise and operators in the leasing business. They were more than 150 participants and speakers from all over the continent.

In addition to the opening session, which has been followed by the President of the APSF, the Managing Director of Bank Al-Maghrib (Central Bank of Morocco), the Director of the IFC and the Vice-President of Leaseurope (European Federation of Leasing Associations), the Assises were conducted according to three panels led by informed observers of the leasing.

Some more convivial moments marked the event, which facilitated the contacts between participants and allowed them to continue the exchanges in an informal way: coffee break, lunch, cocktail dinner.

Scenes of the First African Conference of the Leasing

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Acts of the first African conference of the leasing – May 8th, 2017 – Casablanca – Morocco

Séance d'ouverture

Abdallah Benhamida, President of the APSF

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Mister Abdallah Benhamida’s – President of the APSF – welcoming word

Abderrahim Bouazza, Managing Director of Bank Al-Maghrib

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Intervention of Mister Abderrahim BOUAZZA, Managing Director of Bank Al-Maghrib

Riadh Naouar, IFC Director

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Intervention de Riadh Naouar, IFC Director

Morten Guldhaug, Vice-President of Leaseurope (European Federation of Leasing Company Associations)

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Embracing the Future with Confidence – Leaseurope presentation

Panel 1 : «African panorama of the leasing»

Moderator: M. Abashi Shamamba, Newspaper « L’Economiste »

The speakers raised a current situation compared of the economic and statutory environment in certain countries or economic zones: legal framework, existence or not of a law on the leasing, the property right, bancarisation, the fiscal advantages …

By way of illustration, the APSF presented a focus on the Moroccan experience in Africa.

Pierre Kam, President of Camlease (Cameroon Leasing Association)

Camlease – Cameroun

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Panorama of the leasing in Africa: case of the CEMAC zone

Panel 2 : «Towards an African market of the leasing»

The interventions concerned prerequisites to put the milestones of an African market of the leasing. Were put forward, in view of the range of disciplines in which appealed the leasing (law, finance, tax system, accounting …), the modalities of convergence of rules and procedures applied to this job.

Nizar Snoussi, IFC and OHADA Consultant

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Towards an African market of the leasing

M. Hassan Kettani, Supreme Court Lawyer (Morocco)

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Towards an African market of the leasing

Panel 3 : «Marketing and development of the leasing in Africa».

Moderator: mister Saad Benmansour, Newspaper “La Vie éco”

The participants raised questions relative to the business development of the leasing. How to differentiate and to renew the offer of leasing? How to lead and to coordinate a network on the scale of an economic or geographical zone? How to establish and perpetuate the relations with the suppliers of equipments. And, in the era of the digitalisation, how to reinvent the commercial approach regarding leasing, even the product leasing as such?

Joseph Kiiza - Uganda Leasing Association

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Marketing and leasing devlopment in Africa

Jonathan Gigin, SFI – « Africa Leasing Facility »

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Leasing development in Africa

Edouard Leefsma, BNP Paribas - France

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Marketing and development of the leasing in Africa

Toochukwu Agwuncha, Fortvivit Resources Limited - Nigeria

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Marketing and leasing development in Africa

Recommandations of the Conference

Presentation: Daouda Mbaye, Newspaper “The Africas”

On the basis of the lines of thought expressed during the inaugural session, presentations and debates that marked the three panels, the recommendations are read. These are intended to shed light on the leasing horizon in Africa and its main prospects in the short or medium term. It is, of course, to determine the role of the actors and their partners in a common professional approach, in the monitoring and evaluation of any action likely to help emerge leasing and consolidate its development.

In addition to the creation of an African Leasing Federation, the recommendations are as follows:

Stakeholder engagement
Harmonization of legislation
Development of refinancing sources
Organization of the profession, especially in areas where leasing is stammering
Implementation of tools to help risk assessment
Promotion of digital marketing
Development of human resources training for leasing operators
Development of judicial staff training: judges, bailiffs …

Press coverage

The First African Leasing Conference and the creation of Africalease were the object of a wide media coverage, at the national and continental level, in the print media, the radio or the electronic media.
Several articles, appearing for some in the cover page, indeed preceded and accompanied the holding of these two appearances, presenting on this occasion the stakes in the leasing to the African scale, the missions of Africalease and the ambitions which it feeds for this business as well as the composition of his/her office and its council then freshly constituted.

Comité d’organisation des Assises Africaines de Leasing

M. Abdallah Benhamida : Maroc President, APSF

M. Mohamed Tehraoui : Maroc, Director of the Steering committee, APSF

M. Jonathan Danjuma Gigin, IFC

Mme Fatim DIOP, IFC

M. Mostafa Melsa :  Maroc, General Delegate, APSF

M. Kamal Benkiran : Maroc, Director, APSF

Mme Majda Zyani : Maroc, APSF

M. Ali Ouabid : Maroc, APSF