Mediation is an amicable mode of dispute resolution by which two parties agree to ask a third party, the Ombudsman, to assist them in finding a solution to their conflict. Mediation is soft and flexible; the parties retain full control of the proceedings. The Ombudsman is there to reconcile the views of the parties and offer them reliable, and in a private and confidential setting.

The Ombudsman is neutral in relation to the conflict and independent of the parties. Through the Mediation process, the Mediator promotes the exchange of views and tries to get the parties to explore acceptable solutions for them.

Mediation is an alternative method of settlement to conflicts integrated into the Moroccan code of civil procedure (conventional mediation).

Mediation is conceived as a contractual and voluntary process of seeking an accepted solution between Credit Institutions and their Clients in the event of a dispute between them.

Mediation promotes the reconciliation of the parties points of view in order to exploit acceptable solutions and allows the continuation of existing business relationships before the litigation is launched.

Mediation allows negotiation between the parties, assisted by a neutral and independent Mediator who is experienced in the process and trained in mediation techniques.