“Africalease”, “African Leasing Federation” was founded on May 9, 2017 in Casablanca, Morocco, after its statutes were adopted by its founding members (11 African countries and the IFC, International Finance Corporation).

It aims to strengthen the ties among its members, to strengthen cooperation and to harmonize their activities with a view to contributing to the objectives of promoting finance through leasing in Africa.

It is expected to bring together all the leasing operators in Africa, their professional representatives, as well as all the partners in this trade and all continental or regional institutions working for the social and economic development of Africa.

The headquarters of the Federation is established at the headquarters of the Moroccan professional association of finance companies, APSF, located in Casablanca 95, Boulevard Abdelmoumen.

The organization, functioning and assignments of the Federation shall be governed by its statutes.

The official languages ​​of the Federation are English and French.


African leasing operators operate in different national legal, regulatory and regulatory environments, with the opportunities and constraints that characterize each of these environments. With a view to ensuring a minimum of harmony in their profession and influencing their global environment, the idea of ​​creating a federation on a continental scale is being realized.

Supported by the IFC and led by the APSF, the construction site of the Federation has come to an end, a first step having been taken with the adoption of the statutes of this entity.

According to these statutes, this Federation has several objectives, including:

  • the creation and strengthening of links among its members,
  • the exchange between members around best practices in leasing,
  • development and progress of the leasing industry at regional and continental levels in Africa,
  • the harmonization of laws and regulations on leasing of African States.

This federation will encourage the establishment of national or regional associations in countries or economic zones where such associations do not exist.

In addition to the leasing operators themselves, the Federation is called upon to bring together decision-makers (African central banks), companies or associations that have affinities or do business with the leasing industry, associations representing the regulated professions (auditors, notaries, etc.) or not (car rental companies, suppliers of equipment), with expertise in the African leasing market necessary for any lobbying action.

The material resources of the Federation are constituted by the annual membership fees and any external grants.

Africalease members